Online Database Basics

The basics of online databases

Databases are an import and ever present part of our modern lives. They store our information in a manner that allows us to easily access it. Often these databases go unseen running in the background of our favorite programs, never telling us they are there.

We start noticing databases when we grow the amount of information they contain to a large and important size. When we start placing customers and vendors in databases, and they grow to thousands of members, we realize how important they are to all of us.

Many times companies store these databases on computers within their company. These storage computers may be connected to the outside world or they may be only for internal use. If they are not connect to the outside world the information contained on them is only accessible to a very few people, restricting the usefulness of the data.

This is why most databases are connect to the outside world. Although this does involve a small bit of security risk the benefits of access are great. The security risk, the fear the database can be broken into, can be reduces to almost zero by proper techniques. Things such as proper passwords, and administrative access rules make the threat of hacking small.

The one big problem with databases in general has always been the cost associated the owning the storage computers, and keeping them powered. When a company owns the computers themselves, they have to buy ones large enough to handle their anticipated needs. This will leave them with computing power they have paid for but not using, driving up the cost of storage.

For some companies this is okay, but for other companies, generally smaller ones, this extra cost can be prohibitive. This is where online database become useful.

By renting the space on somebody else’s storage computer companies save large amount of money. They only need to pay for what memory they are using. When they need more they expand their reach and pay a fraction more.