- Online Databases

How data is stored in a database as just as import and what is stored. The key benefit of a database is the ability to access information. The faster you can access the information and the more relevant the information returned the more useful the database.

How the database stores then retrieves data is based on the architecture of the database. The better the architecture the better the database can return information, and the quicker it can do it. By allowing the database to be structured properly information is both complete and available quickly.

The structure of databases has been unchanged for some time. The origins of our current database structure dates back to the origin of computer when they took up entire rooms and used the power of entire towns. At the time, when computing power was small and programming was done of punch cards and data was stored on magnetic tape, this architecture work well.

However this is no longer the case. People’s cell phones now have more computing power than early computer, and run only on batteries. Now data is stored on massive hard disks around the world.

Even with all these advancements in computers, the way data is stored has not changed. This has left a weakness in current databases. They have lost efficiency. Data is no longer being stored in the best manner.

This makes the data harder to access, slower to process, and often returns less useful information.